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    just shit my pants 

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    my life in a nutshell minus nice guys like logan

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    The Mindy Project S03E01

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  6. living in constant fear that you’ll overhear one of my phone calls and everything will begin to deteriorate 

  7. Tonight the light of love is in your eyes, will you still love me tomorrow?
    — Amy Winehouse 
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    she is for always roaming with a hungry heart - lord alfred tennyson

    she is for always roaming with a hungry heart - lord alfred tennyson

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    when your teacher asks u why ur late to class


  10. Some shit I wrote today

    my soul is trapped in a cigarette smoke

    wisps of it dissipating 

    carrying me further and further from you.

    the closeness of your body

    your heartbeat on mine 

    and your artificial warmth

    cannot counter the aloneness.

    Hurt myself just to feel 

    how strange is this human experience 

    You’ve long gone and 

    your smell holds my skin 

    but there is no comfort

    just a barren waste that

    cannot be washed away with a